First Performing An Advanced Search On The Achievement Gaps Of Black And White Students

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1.) I selected this research study to analyze by first performing an advanced search on the “onesearch” databases for the Achievement Gaps of Black and White students in education. This research article appeared in the results as I quickly looked over titles of interest. I then skimmed through both, the abstract and the conclusion to make sure it was first a primary research study. After assuring that it was a research study and not an analysis, I then looked over the format of the study to assess the level of difficulty it will be to dissect and pull information from the article. This particular article stood out to me from all of the other journals because this article assess achievement gaps from grades K-12, while others only examine grade level achievements and disparities.
Reference: Robinson, K. (2010). Black-White inequality in reading and math across K-12 schooling: A synthetic cohort perspective. Review of Black Political Economy, 37, 263-273.
2.) As a foundation and a background for this research study, the researcher compared and analyzed previous research studies performed by other researchers. As there is a plethora of research information on the achievement gaps in schools, the research noted that most of the research was executed in order to provide an understanding of the racial achievement gaps, but failed to assess the patterns of inequality of students as they progressed from kindergarten throughout high school. The information and understanding
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