First Person - Original Writing

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First-Person: I walked over the hill with a profound tension. The sight of the city after these days brings rage and hatred in my veins. They said we had nothing to worry about, nothing to fear. I stepped back and picked up my bags. My group was scared nonetheless, so we aimed for a safe haven inside the backwoods. A quiet, peaceful place where we could settle down and not be reminded of the horror movie being displayed for the whole county to see. I knew it was only a matter of time before we had to leave the area completely, but we didn’t want to see our lives crumble away. I noticed while walking, that far back some of the trees started to fade early. It was almost Fall, yet they seemed to be dying at the roots. There wasn’t a history of faults in the agriculture in this area so it had to be something new. They looked red and the dirt around it was soggy, like they were bleeding. The branches felt stiff and brittle. The infection must have been transferred from the trees, through the soil, and into river which was the town’s main water supply. I veered towards a group of tree I saw next to the small shanty. They had the same problem too. It must have infected every tree in the area. Our hope was dimming as we realized we couldn’t stay in our newfound area. Our look for another location was dimmed. Third-Person Limited: Jim felt disoriented sitting on the floor of the supermarket. He was extremely tired after running straight to the building. He didn’t know how to

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