First Phase of Foundation of Indian National Congress

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First phase of Foundation of Indian National Congress
First phase of Foundation of Indian National Congress - Inform ative & researched article on First phase of Foundation of Indian National Congress

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Ignorant of the misery of the s common people, the moderates followed the policy of constitutionalism. They only wanted the s right to self-government, which would strengthen their own position in the field of administration. Moreover the delegates of the Indian National Congress were mostly drawn from the cities and hardly any direct contact with the common run of men. The congress leaders were full of admiration for the British history and culture. It was their essential faith that the British rule in India had some positive effects on the s land and culture of India. Henceforth they looked upon the British Government not as an antagonist but as their ally. Therefore they believed in the policy of constitutionalism in order to seek their rights and liberties from the British Government. In the course of time they believed that the British Government would help them to acquire the capacity of self-government in the pattern of the west. Thus these educated intellectuals strongly believed that the chief



First phase of Foundation of Indian National Congress obstacle in the way of India`s progress was not the British colonial rule but the socioeconomic backwardness of the British government. Not the independence, rather the socioeconomic progress of India was the sole motto of the moderate leaders of the INC, during the firsts phase. The moderate

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