First Responders During Natural Disasters

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Major Hurricane disasters along the coastlines have affected many cities and communities which have forced them to take into action and adopt the conception of emergency management, disaster preparedness, first responders and recovery planning. First responders play an intricate role during natural disaster; the first people to report on the scene are firefighters, police officers, paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMT). These individuals risk their lives every day to make sure civilians are safe and evacuating distress communities is done in smooth and seamless fashion. Many cities and communities depend on first responders during natural disasters, especially when providing safety, search and rescue and evacuating procedures. First responders have a unique perspective because they know their localities well; they are familiar with street plans and landmarks, and they also understand the local municipal structure. They have the advantage if a disaster strikes such as Hurricane Sandy to help minimize the community’s infrastructure. First responders form an integral component to the nation’s critical infrastructure. While it is important to compare past super storms to identify the improvement of first responders effectiveness and efficiencies of during Hurricane Sandy, we must also examine lessons learned to prepare the nation for the next super storm. This research paper will examine lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy and from those lessons the preparation
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