First Sergeant And Commanders Responsibility ( Profiles / Medpros )

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First Sergeant and Commanders Responsibility (PROFILES/MEDPROS): Temporary profiles are intended to allow soldiers to properly recover from illness or injury. Commanders must consult with medical personnel to determine what physical training and duty requirements the profiled soldier can perform. The intent of a profile is to assist the soldier in fully returning to duty in the fastest, safest manner possible. Organizational leaders are responsible for the use and monitoring of MEDPROS to measure their unit/individual medical readiness status. Leaders should analyze medical data and generate reports to determine the medical and dental readiness of individuals, units, and task forces. Unit commanders are responsible for monitoring their Soldiers’ Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) and ensuring compliance with all the combined elements of medical readiness. The elements include immunizations, physical profiles/duty limitations, vision, hearing, labs, dental, personal deployment meds, physical health assessment (PHA), individual medical equipment (IME), and pregnancy screening. • A physical profile is composed of six factors: Physical capacity, Upper extremities, Lower extremities, Hearing and ears, eyes, and (S) Psychiatric (P-U-L-H-E-S). • Each factor is rated on a scale of 1 to 4. These factors represent limits to classification or assignment: 1= no limitations, 2 = possible limitations, 3 = limitations required, 4= drastic limits to military duties. • Designated

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