First Session Solution Focused Brief Therapy

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Lloyd, H. and Dallos, R. (2008), First session solution-focused brief therapy with families who have a child with severe intellectual disabilities: Mothers ' experiences and views. Journal of Family Therapy, 30: 5–28. doi:10.1111/j.1467-6427.2008.00413.x
The purpose of this article was to explore the experiences of first sessions of families who have children with intellectual disabilities using solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT). The participants consisted of mothers who were interviewed two weeks after the initial session. The SFBT session was a stand alone session that was designed to assess the usefulness of the initial session. The mothers were asked to complete the Helpful Aspects of Therapy Questionnaire after the end of the session. Participants listened to excerpts from their therapeutic sessions that they identified as helpful or unhelpful while completing the questionnaire. The families that participated had used psychological services before hand in the form of special education, social, and health services.
Through the interventions there were three major themes that were identified; SFBT introduced ‘making the best of it’, exploration of wishful thinking, and the efficacy of the therapeutic relationship. What the authors mean by ‘making the best it’ is the idea that there is no point in dwelling on the disability and to keep moving forward. Mothers expressed that they had no choice about their role of “carer” which lead to a sensation of
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