First Solar, Inc.

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First Solar, Inc. located in Huntington Beach is a design and manufacturing company found in 1999 who produce photovoltaic modules, or solar panels, through the use of thin film semiconductors (Reuters, para 2). The company however, has a much earlier history than scribed. In 1984, inventor and owner of Solar Cells, Inc Harold McMaster manufactured solar cells from silicon (energyandcapital, para 2). However, as silicon became more expensive, McMaster decided to switch to cadmium telluride. This material was far more inexpensive than silicon which would eventually lead the company to thrive. So it thrived, as in 1999 the company was purchased by True North Partners, LLC and was named First Solar, Inc (energyandcapital, para 10). First Solar is the first solar company to flourish and create new solar innovations. Such as, producing 1 GW of solar electricity in a single year, breaking the one dollar per watt manufacturing overhead cost, and creating a photovoltaic module recycling program (FirstSolar, para 2). To put that into perspective clean technica explains that, “1GW of solar power can power up to 750,000 homes and about 2 coal-fired power plants” (Shahan, para 2). To evaluate whether First Solar is a smart investment decision, we will first take a look at growth & profitability of the company along with the corporate responsibility the company holds. We will also take into consideration energy efficiency as well as their support services. Based upon these factors a

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