First Solar Mission Statement

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First Solar is a company that really tries to articulate a clear vision to guide the behavior of stakeholders. Indeed, management defines the core purpose of the company as: “create enduring value by enabling a world powered by clean, affordable solar electricity”. This statement, which is not about making profit and is the essence of the success of the corporation, could be explain by the profile of the CEO since 2012, James Hughes. James Hughes is indeed not a person that we expect to run a solar company. He is neither a scientist nor an engineer but rather a lawyer. James Hughes does not agree with the view that solar energy will save the world. Instead, according to the CEO, First Solar has to deal with the existing suppliers of energy.…show more content…
(Appendix 1) . Core values at First Solar define what the organization stands for and are the most important tenets inside the organization (Building your company’s vision,James C.Collins and Perry I.Porras). By analyzing the financial structure of the company, First Solar proves to its stakeholders that the company is trying to be consistent with its core values. Indeed, the value that First Solar is always trying to improve its business can be exemplified with the high budget allocated to the research and development area of the company (Appendix 2). It is the highest budget in the industry proving that one of the First Solar’s core value as shown on the website, is to…show more content…
The company can develop and democratize thin, transparent and little solar cells that can be put almost everywhere. The vision of this idea is that everyday objects would then incorporate those transparent cells and produce electricity on their own. The Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to have buildings and skyscrapers that contain that kind of cells which allow to produce more energy in one place due to the verticality of this kind of building. To achieve this goal in 2013 they bought the intellectual property General Electric had developed in thin-firm

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