First Technique Second Technique Of Manufacturing Products From Metals Essay

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TASK 6 First technique Second technique Materials used Different metals are used for different products. Some of the commonly used metals are, Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Silver, Lead etc. Ceramics are used for various products. Ceramics are made from organic and non-metallic and are mixed with graphite, diamond, carbon, barium Cost The cost of manufacturing products from metals is the most expensive. Also, the process for metals with higher melting temperature will be more expensive as more energy is required in order to melt them. The cost of manufacturing products from ceramics is quite reasonable and is much cheaper the manufacturing products from metals. Also, the process of manufacturing is much shorter and easier them the process of metals. Amount of time taken The amount of time taken depends on the process used for manufacturing. Usually the products made by sand casting take the longest as the process is very long. The longest section in this process is the part of making the mould. The amount of time taken depends on the type of process used (e.g. Slip casting, ceramic shell casting etc.) but the overall time taken to manufacture products from ceramic is less as compared to that to metals. Complexity The complexity of products made from metals depends on the type of process used in the manufacturing of that product. For example, if the injection process is used for the manufacturing, a complex shape
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