First Time And New Mothers Who Use Social Media

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1. Target Audience:
i. First time and new mothers who use social media: Twitter, Facebook, Forums, Blogging, and Surveys. ii. Mothers who currently are being treated for or in the pass have been treated for PPD postpartum and who spend time on social media. iii. Mother in underserved communities and rural communities who are a risk of health disparities such as PPD within the community.
2. Determine your objective:
i. Create a “Break the silence because you are not alone in postpartum depression” campaign. ii. Provide information on signs and symptoms of PPD to mother within the local and regional community through social media, community outreach, and practitioners services. iii. Encourage healthcare professionals to promote a judgment free zone to mothers postpartum. iv. Encourage mothers within the community to “break the silence” on PPD and further encourage women to seek appropriate treatment and help.
v. Collaborate with local health departments, community organizations, practitioners, and religious organizations to promote safe, confidential, and positive resources for mother to seek treatment within the community judgment free.
b. SMART Terms:
i. By the end of year two time period of the PPD campaign, increase the number by 25% of women who are seeking treatment for PPD within the local and regional community in both first time and new mothers.
3. Audience Communication Needs:
a. Many factor need to be considered on determine marketing strategies…

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