First Time And New Mothers Who Use Social Media

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1. Target Audience: i. First time and new mothers who use social media: Twitter, Facebook, Forums, Blogging, and Surveys. ii. Mothers who currently are being treated for or in the pass have been treated for PPD postpartum and who spend time on social media. iii. Mother in underserved communities and rural communities who are a risk of health disparities such as PPD within the community. 2. Determine your objective: a. i. Create a “Break the silence because you are not alone in postpartum depression” campaign. ii. Provide information on signs and symptoms of PPD to mother within the local and regional community through social media, community outreach, and practitioners services. iii. Encourage healthcare professionals to promote a…show more content…
Factors to consider are mother’s material status, work status, infant feeding and nap schedules, and other siblings. Its expected that mothers who are working will be less likely to participate in blogging and surveys, but are more likely to scroll through news feed in Facebook. Stays at home mothers are more likely to participate in social media when infant is napping or breastfeeding. Many outreach and community that encourage mother and child involvement will occur mid-morning, or will following older sibling being taken to school or pre-school. Audience communication and participation is expected to be highest during mid-afternoon into evening and late evening. These intervals are most appropriate and offer to provide the best encouragement when a mother is feeling tried from the day’s activities. The evening and late evening are also more likely to have another parent or caregiver present allowing the mother time for herself. 4. Goal Integration: a. It is the mission of the organization to promote and encourage women who may be experiencing PPD to seek help and treatment in the local and regional community. Research has indicated that many women are unaware of what PPD is and how it can have long-lasting and devastating effects on mental health and family wellness. The number one objective of our organization to promote resources within local and regional area were women will feel
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