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First Time Homebuyers LAS-30012 Ms. James-Etta Goodloe 5/23/13 Abstract There is always the common question what does it take to get a first time home buyers loan? And the answer is there is so much that goes into the process of getting a home loan. You have to find out if there is a down payment and what percentage the seller wants for a down payment. Is the seller going to pay the closing costs or does that come out of your pocket? All these questions and more are what go into getting a home loan. First Time Homebuyer No one really realizes the time and patience it takes to get a first time home buyers loan. The first and most critical step in homeownership is getting the right mindset. This principally involves…show more content…
Well, that depends on a number of factors, including the cost of the house and the type of mortgage you get. In general, you need to come up with enough money to cover three costs: earnest money - the deposit you make on the home when you submit your offer, to prove to the seller that you are serious about wanting to buy the house; the down payment, a percentage of the cost of the home that you must pay when you go to settlement; and closing costs, the costs associated with processing the paperwork to buy a house. When you make an offer on a home, your real estate broker will put your earnest money into an escrow account. If the offer is accepted, your earnest money will be applied to the down payment or closing costs. If your offer is not accepted, your money will be returned to you. The amount of your earnest money varies. If you buy a HUD home, for example, your deposit generally will range from $500 - $2,000. The more money you can put into your down payment, the lower your mortgage payments will be. Generally most banks will want a 10% to 20% payment to put down towards your loan. The more money you can put into your down payment, the lower your mortgage payments will be. New loan offerings make it easier to buy a home, but harder to pick which mortgage is right for you. The standard 30-year fixed rate mortgage allows predictable payments. If you’re planning on moving quickly, consider an adjustable rate mortgage, which has low

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