First Work Experience Essay

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First Work Experience The scent of fresh waffles, sound of radio pop music, light from the open sign. Just another long day at work. Everything is just like the usual. Restock utensils, greet customers, take orders, collect payments, and clean up. At seventeen, wanting to save up for my post-secondary tuition, I decided to work a part time job alongside school. I thought that not only does it give me money, it can also give me valuable work experience. Working at a part time job sounds like a perfect opportunity for me. However, after this experience, my perspective of working in the service industry completely changed. This was my first real job. After expressing my concerns about post-secondary tuition, my high school friend referred me…show more content…
As time went on, things slowly started to get better. With my improved work habits, I slowly began to catch up on school. Also, I began to know my coworkers better, and I get to spend more time with my friend there. Moreover, after knowing how the store functions and learning all the menu items, the work became easier as well. I started to really enjoy this job despite getting some wrist injuries from scooping ice cream. Then, something happened. It was near the end of my 11-hour shift on a Sunday. It was quite busy as it was a hot summer night. The line was almost to the outside of the door while there was only two of us working. A man and his son walked in. They stood there and stared at the menu for a while. As they decide for what they want, my co-worker and I work fast “I want these two flavours!” The child demanded. The father smiled and agreed. He came up to me and ordered the two flavours in a kid’s cup. However, our store policy only allows one flavor per cup, so I apologized and explained this to him. Normally, customers are understanding of policies and are willing to change the order. This was not the case. “You cannot say no to what a kid wants”, he causes a scene while a huge line of customers is waiting behind him impatiently to be served. He continued to yell and reason. “Look I am the customer and it is your job to give me what I am ordering” “Don’t make it hard for her” other customers who were watching jumped in. He does not back off and
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