First World War Inescapable

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The First World War, “the war to end all wars,” was an unnecessary bloodshed and 22 million people died needlessly but it was the inevitable outcome because of the political/militaristic feuds in Europe beforehand and allies forming to protect each other from enemy attacks. The Great War was a massive war fought by many countries and those countries faced many causalities including innocent civilians. Canada alone faced 6100 causalities but even with these many causalities little was achieved. Above all, the countries who fought were either forced to fight because of treaties or to end ongoing battles with their enemies. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was basically a snapping point of the tensions between the European countries. The disagreement between Austria-Hungary and Serbia over how to manage the killing of Archduke Ferdinand by a Blackhand terrorist; the Austro Hungarian government believed that the Serbian government had some involvement with the assassination and they had demanded…show more content…
Many countries began to realize that a strong military could solve a lot of their problems. But because every country had the same goal there was a lot of competition. Germany was competing with Russia and France to expand their armies during 1880-1914. Germany and UK were also competing to build battleships. Then by 1914, all the great powers made allies secretly to protect against enemy invasion. The alliance system made it more possible for a war to break out because if two countries from different alliances were to start a war with each other that would give reason to all the other countries in the alliances to fight too. To sum up, alliance’s made it more logical for a war to start and military powers also made it easier for a war to start because it made countries think that they could destroy their enemies in one quick
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