First Year Experience Program

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One of the biggest movements that is beginning to be implemented in many college campuses is that of the First Year Experience (FYE) program. Orientation can go only so far in making these first year students feel connected. Many institutions now build into the curriculum first-year seminars or other programs that bring small groups of students together with faculty or staff on a regular basis. These programs bring together aspects of both the academic and student affairs worlds. First Year Experience programs vary from campus to campus, but many of the characteristics that each share are tied to the common goal of helping those new freshmen feel at home and better adjusted to the expectations that are associated with being a college student. History of FYE Programs New student seminars have been part of the academic curriculum at American colleges and universities for over 100 years. Lee College in Kentucky offered the first freshman forum based class in 1882, which was followed by the first “for-credit” seminar being offered at Reed College in 1911 (University of South Carolina). After almost disappearing in the 1960s, FYE programs have enjoyed a gradual and steady rebirth since the mid-1970s. This may be attributed to the decrease of the ‘in loco parentis’ attitude that many individuals felt towards higher education during this time. These programs are now recognized as an effective way to address many of the issues and problems of contemporary college life.
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