First Year Students Need Their Fundamental Study Skills to Make the Necessary Adjustments to Achieve Their Successful Journey at University

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In this essay, I will critically discuss the some of these adjustments in terms of study skills, which I bring with me as my scholarship at university, and new skills I must develop. I will use two readings and two lectures as my references to support my thesis and main points. The thesis of my essay is first year students need their fundamental study skills to make the necessary adjustments to achieve their successful journey at university. The main points that will be outlined in this essay are the importance of becoming a critical thinker, verbal skill linked with academic writing and note taking skill is related to referencing skill.

First year students need their fundamental study skills to build the necessary adjustments to
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The first new skill to strengthen reading competence is critical thinking. Critical thinking is necessary to leaning where a reflective and logical thinking that endeavour to determine the understanding and logical consideration in a particular subject and it also requires a deep engagement in a specific subject with basic skills and qualities to a specific discipline at university. Warren (1995) has quoted from Ennis (1981) that critical thinking is reflective and reasonable thinking what to do or believe in engaging in different activities, depending on the discipline or academic subject matter under consideration; while Christensen (2010) has determined that students needed critical thinking to deeply engage by approaching the subjects to understand and interact with the content, share the impression of previous and present experiences and evaluate the logic of the argument. In addition, the benefit of applying critical thinking skill to my basic reading skill is I can improve my self esteem as a learner. According to Warren (1995), critical thinking can make me, as a student, to think critically and philosophically by engaging in philosophical expression about the most ordinary and understandable experiences of life; and it will also improve my self-esteem to become a critical thinker. From my own experiences, it is my endeavour to become a good reader and critical thinker by combining my reading and critical
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