First in Show Pet Food Case Study

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First in Show Pet Food Case Analysis Introduction We all love our pets, and it is true that man's best friend is his dog. As such, the recent consumer trends in pet owners has been to look for more nutritional and beneficial foods to increase the health and well being of our favorite four legged companions. Thus, First in Show is opening up one of its premium brands to a new retail market in the Boston area. Show Circuit is a balanced dog food that is frozen. The food is meant to provide the essential nutrients and vitamins needed to improve dogs' coat, which works especially well for show dogs that are judged on their appearance and stature. The product has been labeled by industry insiders as one of the finest products available, with quality ingredients and actually recognizable results. New Targeted Consumer Market The brand now faces the new challenge of bringing its Show Circuit dog food to a larger retail market within the Boston area. In order to complete this desired goal, new packaging had been adopted to make the product more retail friendly. This new packaging was easy to use, but also sleek and recognizable, highlighting the brand and its association with both luxury and quality. Previously, First in Show dog food products had been targeted specifically to show kennels. This was a very limited and specified target market. This was a good market, as professionals understood the premium nature of the product and its benefits to dogs' coats. However, this
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