First in Show Pet Foods

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Case Recap First in Show Pet Foods is a major producer of dog food for show-dogs. It is developing a marketing strategy for a new frozen dog food, Show Circuit, to enter into Boston’s supermarket arena. Breaking into the established dog food industry will not be an easy task. Show Circuit is a high quality, balanced frozen dog food that contains fresh meats and cereal with no additives or preservatives. A mink rancher looking to improve his mink’s coat formulated the product. The fresh ingredients have also proven to make the coats of dogs beautiful while along with making them healthy. Show Circuit has been used by professional show dog owners for years and is considered to be the world’s finest dog food. It is packaged frozen in…show more content…
While marketing the dog food, it has to assure the supermarket buyers that products will be selling quickly to compensate for the low margin it will encounter. SWOT Matrix Strengths: • Professionally proven to improve the coats of dogs. • Unique, high quality product. • Major producer of dog food for award winning dogs. •First all natural dog food in frozen food section in Boston supermarkets. Opportunities: • First to tap into balanced frozen dog food in market in Boston and the U.S. • Capitalize on market growth of nutrition and the well being of animals. • Create a foundation for national market. • Capitalize on growing population of dog ownerships. Weaknesses: • New brand, market, and form of dog food. • Preparation and storage of the frozen dog food. • Expensive product. • Difficulties with product distribution and spacing due to frozen form. Threats: • Established market with two major competitors leading in dog food advertising. • Public lack of appeal for frozen dog food. • Competition ranging from national brands to private labeled brands. • Acceptance of the supermarket to accommodate dog food in freezer space. Evaluation of Alternatives Some of the promotional advertising budget assigned towards the newspaper can be saved on the grounds that not many people
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