Firstly, Social Policy Combines Sociology, Politics, And

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Firstly, Social policy combines sociology, politics, and economics to study how governments and society work on issues of social welfare, individual wellbeing and social justice. ‘Before the old poor law’ during the Middle Ages, support was provided throughout parts of Europe through the Christian charity for the poor. The main organisations that set up the charities where monasteries and church. these charities made it easy for the poor people to survive if they left their lands to move to the cities. This made it easy for people who wanted to start a new life in the cities where free to do so. ‘The old poor law’ began during first half of the sixteenth century to be noticed by movement of people, with increasing population. 1601 The…show more content…
1907 School Medical Service to care for children who were hurt during school hours. 1908 Old Age Pensions: these were non-contributory, but denied to paupers. 1909 Labour exchanges: this introduced labour exchanges (now called job centres). 1911 National Insurance Act: this covered medical care and unemployment. The government decides how much funding get put into social policy, social policy is contradicted on what we can do and the way we our affected by changes and what we are entitled too. Mr William Beveridge was born on the 5th March 1879 in India, Bengal. Williams farther was a judge in the Indian service. William was a British economist and social reformer, which worked closely with the development of the welfare state. 1943, proposed a system of national insurance, based on three 'aims ' family allowances, a National Health Service and full employment the Government wrote a report in ways that the Britain should be rebuild after the World War Two, William Beveridge took charge by publishing his report in 1942 by recommending that the government should find ways to fighting the five ‘Giant Evils’ Want-benefits, Poor Housing, Ill-health, insufficient education and Unemployment. Beveridge wanted to tackle these social ills as it was essential part of post-war reconstruction. All the policy where paid by tax (NI) national insurance, this is when someone who works gets money deducted

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