Fiscal Concerns Of The Health Care Setting

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Fiscal Concerns in the Health Care Setting One of the major functions of a nurse manager is managing a budget and allocating resources necessary to manage the unit or facility effectively. “Major steps in the budgeting process include gathering information and planning, developing unit budgets, developing cash budgets, negotiating and revising, and using feedback to control budget results and improve future plans”(Yoder-Wise, 2012, p. 244). The nurse manager must be able to accommodate variances and acclimate the budget in both the projections and up-to-date expenditures. Proficiency in managing a unit level budget is essential for both a favorable variance and optimal patient outcomes. Budgeting entails reviewing revenues and expenses, staffing costs, supplies, and capital equipment costs (Contino, 2001). This case study examines personnel, overtime (OT), supplies, travel, equipment, and staff education and the manner in which management can address these factors. Addressing Requests When considering requests such as a new piece of equipment, staff training, and supplies for the unit, a manager must consider the overall budget, constraints, and variances. If equipment has a useful life of more than one year and exceeds the minimum cost level of the facility, the manager may request the cost originates from the capital budget of the facility (Yoder-Wise, 2012). Large equipment such as a patient lift, which costs $3000 per lift, would be beneficial to the staff and
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