Fish Amino Acid Fertilizer

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Foreign References:JP0180982 September, 1985 71/16 JP63260885 October, 1988 JP4182377 June, 1992 TW183699 May, 1992 Other References:CA 94(7):46144u, Natural Fertilizer Composition Hamaoka, 1980. Primary Examiner:Lander, Ferris Attorney, Agent or Firm:Young & Thompson Claims:What is claimed is: 1. A method of producing an organic fertilizer by using fish, said method comprising the steps of preparing a raw material containing more than 80% of fish heads, boiling the raw material to obtain a stock, removing solids and oil contents from the stock to obtain stock liquid, thereafter treating the stock liquid in a decomposition tank with decomposing enzyme for enzyme decomposition, filtering the enzyme-decomposed stock…show more content…
Then, solids and oil contents are removed from the boiled stock to obtain a stock solution and this stock solution is supplied to a decomposition tank to treat it by enzyme decomposition. In the aforementioned enzyme-decomposition step, enzyme decomposition may be carried out by adding one or more than two protein decomposing enzyme, fat decomposing enzyme and the like to the stock solution in the decomposition tank. A preferred decomposing enzyme used in the decomposition tank is a bacterial protein decomposing enzyme, such as NEOVITALASE SUPER (which is a trade name manufactured by Towa Koso in Japan). With the use of the aforementioned enzyme, gelatin and protein are rapidly decomposed in the stock solution, and a separation operation in a filter can easily be carried out. Enzyme decomposition in the decomposition tank is carried out by increasing a temperature of the stock solution to about 50°-60° C., and keeping it for about 30 minutes to 3 hours, preferably 1-2 hours, and after decomposition, the temperature is raised to higher than 95° C. to deactivate the decomposing enzyme. The stock solution enzyme-decomposed as described above is separated into a solid content and a liquid content and then the separated liquid content is filtered to form a clarified liquid.
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