Fish And Game Warden/Worker Research Paper

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Fish and Game Warden/Worker Have people ever wondered what it would be like to be a Fish and Game Warden or Worker? This job is fun and excited to work in. Fish and Game Warden/Worker’s do not have a great salary and job outlook; this career is good for people who love the outdoors and love to work with animals. The Article “How to Become a Fish and Game Warden” explains, “Fish and Game wardens or conservation officer are peace officers who are commissioned in the state in which they perform their job duties. They ensure the Fish and Wildlife Code in their state is enforced and implement the fishing, boating, and hunting laws of the state and any federal laws that pertain to these activities”(Sipe para.1). The duties of Fish and game workers …show more content…

It maybe easier to get a job if they would get the fishing brace they could go to school for two years in a vocational technical program(“Fishing” para. 31). Fishing and hunting workers might be in different situations so they might want to know how to deal with it before they can get to a doctor and or get to a hospital. If they are working and a scenario comes around, they can prevent death or injury(“Fishing” para. 24). The education for fishing and hunting is not formal they receive on job training (“Fishing” para. 4). “The U.S. FIsh and Wildlife Service prefers candidates who possess a four-year degree in wildlife management, criminal justice, or a related field,” stated the article “Conservation officer Requirements”(“Conservation… Requirements” para. 15). The article “Wildlife Officer Training” states, “POST certification typically consists of the following topics: Physical conditioning, defensive tactics, firearms, state and federal laws, law enforcement and arrest procedures, first aid/CPR”(“Wildlife… Training” para.5). Different working environments means they have to have different taining based on what job they have to do (“Wildlife… Job” para. 3). In most states people have to be 21 or older but in california they can be 18 or older and in montana they can be 20 years or older (“Conservation...Requirements” para. 4). Requirements may vary from state to state, but for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, they have to be 21 or older just not older than 36 (“Conservation… Requirements” para. 5). Fish and game wardens have to have a high school diploma or something of the same value (“Conservation… Requirements” para. 4). Texas and Montana require a bachelor degree from specific colleges or universities also with military or law enforcement experience prior (“Conservation… Requirements” para. 12). People complete training in different

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