Fish Respiration Vs. Temperature Lab Report

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Fish Respiration vs. Temperature Lab Report Overview: The purpose of this experiment was to see how a fish can maintain homeostasis when put through physiological stress in different temperatures of water. The fish respired less in the water that was 12 degrees and respired the most in the water that was 27 degrees. It’s respirations in 20 degree water were closer to the amount of respirations in the 27 degree water than in the 12 degree water. It is important to see how organisms acclimate to their environment so that scientists know the limits of the organism’s tolerance range. Scientists want to perform experiments with organisms, but killing them is not ideal for the purposes. Introduction: Alternative Hypothesis: If a fish…show more content…
Too drastic of a change (say, putting the fish into the coldest water right after it had been in the warmest water) can be harmful and even deadly to the organism. A stable set of internal conditions is needed for any organism to survive in its environment. Typically, cold-blooded animals, or ectotherms, such as fish and lizards, have a wider range of tolerance in conditions in which they can survive. This is because, unlike endotherms, their body can adjust to its external environment. In an endotherm (warm-blooded animal), their conditions are determined by their internal environment, not their external. Because a fish is an ectotherm, it could handle the changes in temperature even though it was put through physiological stress. Materials: One Goldfish One Fish Net Regular Water From The Lab Table Tap Four 500 mL Beakers Two 100 mL Beakers (For Holding Ice And Boiling Water) Ice (However Much It Takes For One Beaker Of Water To Reach 12C) Boiling Water (However Much It Takes For One Beaker Of Water To Reach 27C) Thick Towel (To Hold Mini-Beaker Filled With Boiling Water) Three Digital Thermometers Glass Stirring Stick Stopwatch Procedure: There will be glass and boiling water in this experiment. For safety reasons, ONLY the instructor may pour the boiling water into its container. The container MUST be held with the thick towel provided by the instructor. If any glass is broke, inform the instructor immediately. Make a table in which the data will be recorded.

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