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Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to support Fisher House. Central Idea: Volunteering and donating to Fisher House supports a worthy cause and helps wounded warriors and their family members. Method of Organization: Monroe's motivated sequence Introduction Attention Step: When the mortar round hit Peter Herrick and the 42 other men in the motor pool, he said it felt like when someone hits your funny bone, except all over his body. The Navy veteran from Fort White, Florida was out cold for six days and presumed dead at least once after the blast in May 2004. He woke up six days later in the Bethesda Naval Hospital, about 6,000 miles from where he was assigned in Iraq, he said. His wife, Diana Herrick, told him his…show more content…
Since 2000, a total of 6,072 students have shared $10,000,000 in scholarship grants through the Scholarships for Military Children program. Since 2005, the Operation Hero Miles program has provided more than 46,000 plane tickets to Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom wounded warriors and their families, worth nearly $73 million. A. As the military mission expands, so does the mission and coverage for Fisher House, and with it, the need for volunteers and donations. B. Fisher Houses are given to the military services and Department of Veterans Affairs as a gift, and the commander or director of each medical center where the houses are located are responsible for establishing the eligibility, priorities, and selection criteria. C. There are currently 64 Fisher House locations in the United States, Germany, and England. Satisfaction Step: Now that you understand the importance of Fisher House, the question remains: What can I do to help? A. Volunteers are always needed in Fisher House Foundation. The closest Fisher House location from Maine is Boston, because that’s the closest large VA Hospital. B. Cash donations are used for the comfort and welfare of veteran patients including hygiene products, refreshment supplies, cable television for spinal cord injury patients, and recreational activities.

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