Fisher Price : Company Overview Essay

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Fisher-Price – Company Overview Fisher-Price is a children’s toy company, who is owned by the parent company, Mattel. In 2015, Fisher-Price posted annual worldwide sales of $1.85 billion, which was up 7% over the prior year. (Mattel, 2016) With Fisher-Price being a leader in the global toy market, there is a significant opportunity and pressure to unveil and produce new and innovative toys throughout the year, especially in the fourth quarter, which encompasses the holiday season. Fisher-Price is known for toys geared towards younger children, usually from birth to age 8. While they have a wide range of offerings that includes baby gear (swings, bouncers, high chairs, etc.), their core business is toys. New Product Launch With evolving trends, Fisher-Price needs to stay ahead of the competition and develop new and relevant toys to draw attention to their brand. One way to do this is to unveil exclusive toy sets for specific retailers. These are usually larger sets with more pieces or new color of an existing toy at a great value than what is offered for the general competition. As an example, Fisher-Price exclusively manufactured a pink toy medical kit for Toys R Us. This not only draws more customers into Toys R Us but it brings awareness and calls out the Fisher-Price brand. With respect to the product launch at Toys R Us with the exclusive toy set, there are risk factors that need to be understood to ensure they are cost effective and operationally sound

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