Fishing, Celebes Sea, By The Sea

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Fishing, Celebes Sea
In the middle of the ocean, all that can be seen is miles and miles of the alluring ocean. The color of the waves are a spectacular mix of a light green, an astonishing teal, and the amazing darkness of the blue. The tides lightly brushing against the welcoming homes of all the nice people. In the small boat ahead contains an innocent child with his mother outside what can only be their house. The pleasant subtlety of the sea breeze peacefully floating in the air causes relaxation that cannot be helped.
If you look up you can see the beautiful sky extending as far as the eye can see. The clouds soaring into the distance beautifly. The mountains in the distance, elegantly sitting in the distance. The birds chirping their song in mid day. This place gives a sense of Everything that can be seen is beautiful. The wind blows constantly, causing sea mist to blow in the faces of the fishermen. Underneath the boat is the clear, blue water with fish swimming, clueless, without a care in the world. The air has the taste of salt and freshly caught fish. And the The smell is unmistakeable, with a hint of seaweed. In the distance, great hills covered by clouds can be seen. Houses gather close by above the water. People could almost say that the houses are floating. Millions of people gather in small boats, waiting patiently for the single movement of their fishing wire. Every once in awhile, someone 's laughter can be heard above the sound of the small,…

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