Fishing Has Been Responsible For The Survival Of Many Families

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Fishing has been responsible for the survival of many families during millenniums, a tradition passed to father to son. The familiar fishery has characteristics, such as small bolts, fishing near the coast, seasonal and in small scales and low production of subsidies, but this changed in the passing years. The familiar business fishery changed to industrial, which happened because of technological increase and market demand. In mind’s 1050s/60s the fishery activity changed because of new technologies, such as rude boats made of steel as draggers and trawler with big capacity of the cod fishery, equipped with sonar, electronic navigation systems and radar, high generation of financial resources, a great financial return and attend the…show more content…
In 1982, the Fisheries Products International FPI was created, which was invested in technology without considering old experience. After strong opposition developed to the escalating offshore catches in august 1986, the Newfoundland Inshore Fisheries Association NIFA was founded, which were comprising for fishermen, fish processors, plant workers, business people, regional development associations, concerned citizens other groups. In 1989, the Canadian government revises assessment recommends and they reduce the capacity of fishery on 50%, but the government reduced to 200,000 tons with the finality of conserved cod stocks in 1990. That happened, because of scientific advices of DFO, that caused plants closures and 1800 employers loss their job. They work on 45% of capacity and the minister did not reaction about the problem. In 1992, the government decided to no more fishing for 2years moratorium. This left 40,000 unemployed and factories, plants closures. All groups were affected by over fishing. 1- Who are main groups of people involved in the cod fishery and its collapse? The main group were the local fishermen of Newfoundland, Canadian draggers and trawlers, and deep-sea foreign fishing vessels. The local fishermen was less contributed for collapse of cod stock. They used small boats, so these fishermen did not have the capacity to overfish the resource, but they affected by the prohibition of fishery. On the other hand, draggers and trawlers
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