Fishing Is Not A Sport Essay

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Sports have always been a topic for debate, whether it is about teams or what is considered a sport. But what really defines a sport? At the moment we do not have a distinct way to determine if fishing could truly be considered a sport or not, but I would like to state my opinions on the matter. I think that the first criteria for an activity to be considered a legitimate sport is that it has to have a clear scoring system that is easy to understand. Games such as soccer or baseball would fall into this category. The reason I chose this as one of the criteria would be because those who watch sports do not want to have to figure out what the score is while they are watching the game. Coaching is also a big component in major sports which is why it also makes my list, because without coaching it would mean that the sport is…show more content…
One sport that would be taken off the list is a big one, tennis, it might seem surprising but because the average person who might not follow tennis would be confused by watching a match and seeing that one person’s score is love thus being stricken from the list of sports because the scoring is unclear. Another would be fishing, because coaching during a competition is not required while one is sitting in a boat or on a dock waiting for a tug on the line. Bowling also does not require a coach. I would not consider poker a sport either, because it does not take a lot of skill to play only a good eye whereas a game like water polo player needs to have skill or else they would be disqualified immediately. Poker is driven by luck; a top notch poker player has nothing to do with the hand they are dealt they can only bluff till the end of the hand. I think that the guidelines that make an activity a sport are and always will be lenient because everyone has differing opinions and what they like and will watch, so we all can only have our own opinions and hope that others will
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