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Fishing is a worldwide sport loved by millions of people and the heart of many towns and communities around the world. One of only a few outdoor activities that are open year long and one can go whenever he or she pleases. Fishing takes skill, patience and luck. Some people are known for their luck of fishing and others for their skill. Over time, people become known for what they are good at, and what they are bad at, this applies to fishing too. Everyone thinks of himself as ‘that’ guy, no matter what, there is always a way to classify every fisherman, from “Die Hards”, “Know It Alls”, “Lucky Guy”, “Unlucky Guy”, the “Snag Master” or the “Rage Monster.”
Everyone's goal is to catch the biggest fish, but some people want it to happen while others make it happen. The guys who make it happen are known as the “Die Hards.” These guys go out when everyone is inside, no matter the weather, and no matter the cost, they'll risk their boat for a fish. They study and analyze the fish’s every move, knowing when they spawn, how the water temperature affects them, and what time of day is the best to go out. These guys are the real deal, they know everything about fishing. For example, Aaron Meyer is a musky guide in northern MN who guides five to six days a week. When he isn't guiding, he's fishing
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The men who think they know everything, but more than likely are all talk. Mostly though it comes down to who has luck and who does not. Not everybody will like their name, but someone has to be fisherman who tips his canoe. No matter how the fish are biting, someone will be the guy who caught the 30 pounder, but lost it. More importantly, the guy who actually catches the monster. Even though fisherman can be divided into many groups, essentially it brings a group of people together for a wonderful and exciting time. This is what makes fishing such a great
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