Essay on Fishing and Relaxing at the Lake

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When people discuss Naples and describe the sights, they usually just mention the beach, Fifth Avenue, and the swamp. To the people who live here and experience the unseen places, there is much more. There is one place I particularly like. That is Horseshoe Lake and it is a lake where some of the greatest fishing experiences occur that include catching large fish and relaxing with a friend. There is an indescribable felling that occurs at Horseshoe Lake. It is a feeling of mild comfort and much needed relaxation mixed with exhilaration. The comfort comes from the light breeze, which quickly comes and goes while you are fishing. It is this breeze that allows your fishing line to float one way or another, thus doing the luring for you.…show more content…
Exhilaration comes when a four to six pound, large mouth bass bites your worm and runs with it down the lake trying to save its life. This feeling only grows more, when you reel it in and pull it out of the water and see its greenish brown colored body wriggling in the sun. An amazing feeling of accomplishment can be felt and it is this feeling that is the primary reason for your return to the lake the next day. Horseshoe Lake is also a pace where bonds can be made between to people. Fishing is not a stressful activity in Naples do to the abundance of bass in its lakes. So do to this people can take the time to converse and keep their minds open. The wind calms their opinions and the fish relieve their stress enabling them to be at peace with the person they fish with. In Naples this interaction that does not involve too much money and allows for people to be themselves is and important asset to the Naples area. There are not many places in Naples that can be called and asset to the locals. This is a place where people go to be themselves and step out of reality. It doesn’t matter how long they are there because the crystal blue water that ripples as the wind blows calls to them putting them outside of seriousness of life. Giving them and allowing for them to relax, bond, and feel at peace. These feelings that most people desire can be found at

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