Fit Stop

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Please find enclosed Case Study One – Designing a Reward System for “The Fit Stop”, for your review. Using point form, write a brief description of the organization, its employees, and its challenges. What is the organization's domain? (10 points needed) Organization: * The Fit Stop is a new franchise opening in four months. * The Fit Stop will sell all types of training, fitness conditioning and exercise equipment to the general public * The Fit Stop plans to specialize beyond equipment to provide customers with personalized advice geared to customer’s specific training/conditioning needs * It will be starting out with stores in major cities in Ontario and in four western provinces – with plans of expanding to Quebec…show more content…
* The business does not expect to make a profit for a least one year or maybe even two Lack of Experience: * Although the owner has great ideas towards the business, it appears that this is where her main focus is. * The owner has not defined what she will be receiving for investments in wages, salaries and benefits * The owner feels the safest thing to do is to use the same compensation systems as her competitors. This may or may not work because: * The success or failure of “The Fit Stop’s” reward system depends on how well it fits the organizational context and total organizational system. It is highly unlikely these aspects will be the same as her
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