FitZone a Mobile Fitness Application

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Executive summary==================================⇒ 1 Introduction========================================⇒ 3 Product===========================================⇒ 5 Simple and basic map of how the app function==========⇒ 6 Reward system and branding strategy================⇒ 7 Enhancing supplementary services=======================⇒ 8 Price and revenue management=========================⇒ 9 Distribution Services=================================⇒ 11 Promotion and Education==============================⇒ 12 Mock-up posters=====================================⇒ 14 Example of the poster ============================⇒15 Physical Environment==================================⇒ 17 Process============================================⇒ 18 People=============================================⇒ 20 Conclusion==========================================⇒ 21 Bibliography=========================================⇒ 22 FitZone is a mobile fitness application that allows users to make use of the convenient smartphone application wherever they are. FitZone creates a tailored atmosphere for people to pursue their fitness goals. FitZone is based on two simple facts: 1. A combination of fitness and nutrition tools made into one simple mobile application. 2. Support better and healthier lifestyle directed to Generation Y and the Obese segment. FitZone is a product-line extension, affiliating ourselves with a gymnasium. We created FitZone based on

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