Fitbit Analysis

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sort of antenna to communicate and Fitbit had an issue with getting this to work in the beginning with their initial circuit board and balsa box (Martini, 2014). The network security system in place in the beginning was not able to detect the communication or data. There could also be security vulnerabilities in some places where there are blocks on connectivity. Consumer's Tastes and Preferences for Fitbit Product line options. Fitbit products are continuously evolving as they are finding new ways to offer what consumers desire from an individual product. By continuously adding new products with additional features, Fitbit is expanding their market demand from those who desire this product to track activity during specified periods, such as…show more content…
The Fitbit application, which is compatible with smart phone operating systems, allows users to connect with their friends and compare the number of steps that they took with the number of steps that their friends have taken. Having someone who holds a person accountable can help them to make the changes that are necessary to do what it takes to improve their health and well-being (Moving Forward Fitness and Sports Performance, 2016). It is easy for someone to let oneself slide, but when that person has a friend that is expecting him or her to hold up their end of the bargain, so to speak, it is more difficult to let their goal dissipate. The Fitbit app appeals to the competitive side of human nature as well. People look at how many steps their friends took, simply because they will want to surpass that amount. Another wonderful feature of the Fitbit is the caller ID feature. This allows people to connect their Fitbit with their phone. The Fitbit will vibrate and display the number and the person’s name if it is a contact stored in the person’s cell phone paired with the…show more content…
Fitbit’s product and services offered cater to various different consumers. According to Fitbit (2016), “Everyone’s approach to fitness is different. One-size-fits-all doesn’t always fit you so that’s why we created a family of products that work seamlessly with each other, your budget, your favorite apps and your goals.” The Fitbit brand has tapped into motivation research to market its product and uncover what triggers a consumer’s motive to buy their product. Fitbit found that people are more motivated to be active and exercise when there is a community of support surrounding them (Groves, 2014).This can be seen in the commercials displaying not just people in the gym but people cooking, running, walking their dog, at work, and dancing just to name a few. Fitbit commercials have the underlying motive that fitness is everywhere, and everywhere you look, you find
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