Fitbit's Fitness Tracking Devices

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Mission statement. Fitbit’s mission statement is “to empower and inspire you to live a healthier, more active life” (Fitbit, n.d.). They want people to live a healthier life and to help people meet their health goals. The Fitbit app allows users to link to other health apps such as FitStar and MyFitnessPal. This is ideal for health conscious people because being able to connect these other apps to the Fitbit app allows users to have a central health hub right on their phone. Fitbit lets users see how many calories eaten, how many calories burned, and shows the workouts users have done in one place, making it easier for users to reach their health goals.
Technology. Technology is changing every day, which is changing what everyday devices
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Anyone can use Fitbit’s products to track their training sessions, sleep patterns and amount of calories burned. For those who are physically active, they can access a summary of their workout sessions, set goals, and connect with other busy people. The strengths of Fitbit include flexibility in the development and implementation of new technology, pricing, an extensive product range, a platform that works with multiple devices and operating systems, and established retail networks.
Position in the Marketplace
Fitbit’s diverse product line has led to its success and this diversity can also be identified by the company’s slogan: “Find Your Fit.” Fitbit has demonstrated that it has an effective marketing plan that is composed of strong segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Fitbit’s various features and attributes have targeted consumers that have an interest in living a healthy lifestyle through physical activity tracking.
Affordability and availability. Fitbit has designed various products with unique features and look that determines the individual product’s price. This price strategy has benefited the company by offering different products at a reasonable price. Fitbit is also available for
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