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FITNESS GURU Fitness Guru is a fitness service center that provides various activities all under one facility to help people with their fitness as well as a whole body wellness center. The 21st century has developed a lot of speculation on people’s minds, one among these speculative desires people have so far got themselves deeply engrossed into is the need to look and feel fit. Looking farther into fitness, it simply means a general state of health and well-being and more so the ability to perform aspects of sport or occupation however the modern definition of fitness has been expressed in terms of people’s appearances. Those men looking masculine and those ladies who have nice little and slim bodies have currently been the epitome of…show more content…
To have a better understanding of Fitness Guru, the profile can be divided into: • Services offered • Clients to be served • Location of the business enterprise • Our mission • SWOT analysis Services Offered Fitness Guru is a fitness Centre that is majorly attached to support the current meaning of fitness with regards to vigorous exercises. At Fitness Guru the services offered include; Yoga classes: through Yoga classes our clients are able to explore their inspiration. With our team of experts, we are sure to provide our clients with guidance to discover their strength, flexibility and an overall well-being. Body building classes: at Fitness Guru we have adequate equipment and machines for the people who want to venture into body building classes. Our equipment for body building classes range from weight plate, dam bells and bar bells, the machines we have also vary from leg press machine, squats machine and even general body workout machine. To top it all up we also have professional body building trainers who shall be there in every way and step by step instructions to enable them achieve their goals. Aerobic classes: Fitness Guru shall also offer aerobic classes every evening for those who have weight problems to enable them lose weight. The classes shall be headed by our qualified personnel who shall dedicate their entire time and effort to ensure that our clients always receive the best services we shall be able to offer. Plates:
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