Fitness Industry General Information : Gym, Health And Fitness Club

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Fitness industry general information: • Gym, Health& fitness club • Personal Trainer service • Sauna • Meal and beverage Fitness industry trends: • Yoga studio • Technology system • Clean foods delivery • Mobile health applications Sources you used to find this information: • articles and advertisements: Advertising on internet. Ex, Google searching fitness plan or YouTube searching fitness plan. • clients and suppliers: • Suppliers who can give you a useful information about diet. • Ex, Client try to get a protein from Chemist and get information from supplier. • sales data: How many people searching per month for specific product online. Ex, Google search trend about number of people typing specific words like protein powder, diet…show more content…
Values Worth Information on general pricing of gymnasium services. Cardio services $ 50 Free weights services $ 150 Pin loaded services $ 100 Personal Training services $ 200 Massage therapy $ 70 Information on the range of services that can be offered by a gym • Cardio services: - Aerobic exercise with a group. Ex, Running or jogging, Walking Exercising on cardio equipment Swimming Cycling (indoor or outdoor) • Free weights services: - Sports equipment used in callisthenic exercises and weightlifting Ex, Dummbell Excersice Smith Machines Benches Cheast and shoulder machines Legs Machines Pin loaded services: - Weights machine instead of free weights (better for beginner ) Ex, Shoulder press, Bicep Curl. • Personal Training services: - Private trainer one by one. Ex, Personal training will give you an advice to help you keep fit and firm also stay healthy. • Massage therapy: - One kind of treatment to relieve your muscle from your work or your exercise. Ex, Relaxation massage after a gym will help your muscles after work hard from exercise get better. Information on promotional opportunities. • Advertisements: - To promote a products to customers by sources. Ex, Fitness Ambassador billboard, Any promotions or products on
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