Fitness Plan For A Leisure Wellness Plan

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Introduction As counselors we are required to take care of one’s mental health and wellness. We have holistic, nurturing and client- centered training. In doing so many counselors help their clients out by making a Leisure wellness plan. This plan is something that a client or individual can follow to keep themselves healthy and active. A Leisure plan is something that makes you help yourself feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. As stated by Elizabeth Venart a private practitioner (2011), “ The Importance of self-care is overtly discussed and modeled by faculty, and the curriculum of each course includes an emphasis on self-assessment and reflection as well as the development and implementation of concrete wellness plans and practices”(p.47). Leisure is seen as relaxing but at the same time working to take care of yourself to create the best version of you. Why do we need Wellness and Leisure? Keeping well is required for counselors and health care workers. Being in such a stressful field means that one must maintain a healthy and well lifestyle. Assessing one’s self-care not only helps the counselor grow as an individual it helps them see difficulties in others. One’s thinking could be clouded and faced with stress due to lack of self-care. If a client doesn’t treat themselves right it’s going be more difficult for them to move on from their current issue. By staying strong and keeping active makes your mind and body feel at ease and causes less tension. By
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