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i do not get the correct amount of fitness i'm mostly stay in the house do i get about 10,000 steps in school everyday but i'm pretty inactive on the weeknd. I think i weigh like 170 last time i checked. i am not very active but i can do active activities i plan to get gym membership this summer but i'm more focused on schoolwork .’

I personally have few strengths but they are I have a good cardiovascular experience I have a pedometer on my phone that says I get at least a 10000 steps a day and most of the time I get more

I have some goals for fitness including getting a better body mass index and being able to run a mile i feel like the mile will be substantially smaller than the other but i really think that bothy would help with my health
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i would have to do some running and just leg work for 10 minutes a day and 100 set-ups every other day this would help with my mile and bmi i would give myself small rewards like being able to hang out with some friends or only do 75 set-ups and things like this this would help with my motivation and allow me to have a little fun while doing these
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