Essay on Fitness and Nutrition to Achieve the Best Body

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Fitness and Nutrition Many people nowadays looking at themselves in the mirror are upset with what they see. Too much fat, or to much skin, not enough muscle. All are factors of improper nutrition. The twenty-first century, fitness has become more and more important to people in this society. Obesity rates are increasing and people are now starting to realize things need to change. Most people think that the gym will solve these issues. This is incorrect; the most important part of getting the body that is desired is nutrition. Workouts are vital but what the body consumes is key. The real question is what are the effects of proper supplementation and nutrition on fitness? There are mainly two goals people seem to go for which are…show more content…
In order to gain weight more calories are needed. To lose weight fewer calories are needed. A low calorie diet will cause the body to use up stored body fat for energy, not consuming enough calories is known as a calorie deficit. Having a high calorie diet to gain eight will cause the body to bulk up. Consuming more calories is known as a calorie surplus. Depending on the goal the number of grams needed for the body varies. This does not mean sugars, oils and fast foods count as calories that benefit the body. Healthy nutrition is clean dieting with natural fats, natural sugars and proper balancing. “Development of lean body mass” (Ward). Part of a phrase from an article that says that development of lean muscles does infact occur. Having the right nutrients feeding the muscles and results are bond to happen. Depending on the calories consumption two things are common to start occurring. Fat lose or weight gains, which are a normal symptom from consistent eating. Now there is something that comes along that is also mandatory in order to reach fitness goals in general. The workout itself and the hard training needed to get the full effect of sculpting the body. Nutrition is key by all means; it is what triggers the body to start transforming. It is important to have a consistent workout routine and workout plan. “I thought about having a body I wouldn’t be ashamed of” (Joiner). In today’s society majority of what people think about is what they look
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