Fitting Into IOM Nursing Recommendations

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Fitting into IOM Nursing Recommendations: The report by Institute of Medicine stresses on the importance of nursing education in healthcare reform as part of its proposal that contains a timeline. In attempts to provide a glimpse of the future of nursing, the report suggests that 80 percent of registered nurses should have BSNs by 2020 and doubling the number of nurses with doctorate degrees within the same timeframe. The IOM reports is a conclusion of a two-year project that brought together unprecedented involvement with healthcare professionals in the entire country (Hendren, 2010). The report consists of various recommendations for the nursing profession including increasing the proportion of baccalaureate degree nurses, doubling doctorate degree nurses, and involvement of nurses in lifelong learning. Notably, these recommendations can only be realized through the involvement of individuals and practitioners in the nursing profession. With regards to the nursing education aspect as suggested in the report, there is need to make essential changes. Some of these fundamental changes include the development of new competency-based curricula, educational capacity building, seamless educational progression, increased funding for accelerated programs, improved employer rewards to encourage progression, and student diversity ("Charting Nursing's Future", 2011). Moreover, the vision in the Institute of Medicine's report can be realized through inclusiveness of all

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