Five Basic Forms Of Transport For Makro

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Question 1:

There are different basic forms of transport available for all retailers, air, land and sea and three forms include five different types of transport, which are air transport, road transport, rail transport, pipeline transport and sea transport. In the five transports, air transport, road transport and sea transport are applicable to Makro. Air transport is very fast and can either be short or long distance, it mostly transport high-value goods. Makro can uses air transport for transporting electronics devices from overseas because some of the products like Huawei smartphone that are provided from China. Road transport is comprehensive, flexible, versatile and reliable, it is a good choice when transporting goods in short distance and door to door services, road transport is actually the most suitable and common way for Makro in which Makro stores deliveries in short distance and door to door, so that road transport is flexible and reliable for Makro to either deliver for customers or transporting from terminals when imported goods arrived, foods, housewares or even liquor can all be transported. Sea transport is the most cost-effective way of transporting high-bulk of goods over long distance such as internationally import, Makro imports many goods from overseas such as office furniture and other accessories.

Question 2:
There are three broad groups of good to be transported and applicable to Makro, which are raw material, semi-finished goods and finished goods. In which, raw materials are the groceries like rice and flour. Semi-finished goods are the goods that have been processed but not finished, such as Microwave fast food, pc accessories, tent and paint. Finished goods are the goods that are ready to be used, like fully build PC and wash machine.

Question 3:

Strengths Limitations Cost Hazards Suitability for Makro
Air 1.Short transit time,
2.Long distance
4. High goods security 1.Terminal-bound
2.Terminal congestion
3.Low carrying capacity High Sensitive to inclement weather at terminal. Suitable for Makro only in long distance and high-value import.
Road 1. Door to door service
2. Flexible
3. Frequent 1. Carrying capacity
2. Vulnerability to external factors Low

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