Five Behavioral Disorders

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Behavioral Disorders One of the key responsibilities as an educator is to help students learn. A major problem when trying to accomplish this goal is managing classroom behaviors. It is challenging for an educator to teach in a chaotic environment. As a result, teachers seek different routes to manage these behaviors. This research was designed to give layouts and strategies on making the management of these behaviors easier. The first behavior that will be discussed is tattle-telling. The Webster Dictionary defines tattling as “ telling a parent, teacher, etc., about something bad or wrong that another child has done. Presuming how to deal with what we regularly call “tattle-tattling” can take a lot of time and unnecessary…show more content…
It often takes the form of threats, intimidation, repeated cruelty, and/or forcing someone against his or her will to do what the bully wants (Linsin, Bullying In The Classroom: The Ultimate Guide To Stopping It, 2011). One common goal for all teachers is to make sure you are protecting each students right to learn. It is important to know your school’s policy on bullying, so you will be able to relate it to the students and the parents. Also, every school has their on policy you have to abide by. Weebly’s Classroom Management Site gives a couple of tips to help teachers out with bullying: * It is important that the teacher builds a community in the classroom. This way all students feel safe and valued. A good way to build a community in the classroom is through team building exercises. The class will learn how to communicate effectively and how to problem solve. * Another method is through community discussions. Have a classroom meeting every Friday to discuss issues that students are encountering in the class. Then as a class come up with solutions to how they can solve the problems and prevent them from happening again (Weebly). One major problem in the classroom is dealing with students who are poor at following directions. You give directions and one third of your class either performed the task incorrectly or they do not know what is going on at all. There are many
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