Five Benefits Of Marrying Someone With The Same Religion

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Marrying someone with the same religion may be the result in a happy relationship. It is proven that interfaith marriages are more likely to end than couples with the same religion. After reading different students’ opinions and personal blogs on the topic “How Important Do You Think it is To Marry Someone With The Same Religion?” It’s become apparent that there are multiple ways to approach this and many strong feelings about it. Religion is very important to some individuals, although others could care less. The article “Five Benefits of Marrying Someone Within Your Faith” states the importance of marrying someone who shares the same religion so that there will be no pressure in converting to another faith, less confusion for your children, extended family…show more content…
Although it has been proven that couples with the same religion are much happier and have less issues others have made it work. Many believe that marrying someone with a different religion will cause no problems and is not an important part of a relationship. The importance of religion actually sometimes takes place in a relationship before marriage. Sometimes religion is even so important to a couple that they go to counseling to insure that they are on the same religious viewpoint. “Often, conversion takes place before the wedding, so that the ceremony is focused on just one faith. Spouses sometimes convert so that children can be raised in one religion, helping parents to avoid conflict and confusion.” (Is There.) Along with having one person convert to another religion, religious marriages have a background and used to be very common. Religious marriage was a tradition and symbolism, especially when it comes to the marriage ceremony. Each religion has different traditions that take place at the wedding ceremony and this is another reason that it would be confusing to not share the same
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