Five Birthday Secrets

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5 Birthday Secrets On our way from the professor’s office, it was so dark in the streets I almost tripped on the end of the sidewalk. Then I remembered that it was our Birthday today. I was so excited because all of our family was there. Our house was all decorated with sports stuff, like banners, streamers, and balloons all over. We both turned around and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY." then "JINKS." We had cake, ice cream, and all that stuff [even a soccer ball piñata.] it was all so fun. After the party while we were cleaning up uncle Dave reminded me about the Book [when me and Hunter where about seven. My Mom and Dad, told us that when we tuned twelve we would open The Book of Secrets] she ran into our bedroom, in the closet she found a box, in the box was a lot of tissue paper and packing peanuts, she through that stuff aside and she took out the box that held the book and brought it back to the living room. We opened it together, and there it was that book that had cased all that commotion. Hunter opened it and papers after papers fell out. We each took one, my paper said……Dear Asher sorry about the trouble, but you and Hunter both have powers, yours are- Invisible, shipshape into anything, stop time, go forward in time, go back in time, super speed, super strong, teleport, go though anything, use fire, water, and air balls, and control the weak minded. LOVE, Dad and it said BE SAFE all over. WOW! We went to bed feeling confused, and powerful if you know what I mean. 6
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