Five Categories Of Aidc Technologies Essay

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12.4 Four of six categories of AIDC technologies are 1.) Electromagnetic such as RFID 2.) Touch technologies like touch screens 3.) Biometric such as voice recognition and fingerprint analysis 4.) Magnetic used in credit cards 12.5 Five common applications of AIDC technologies are 1.) Order picking 2.) Receiving 3.) Shipping 4.) Sortation 5.) Finished goods storage 12.6 Two forms of bar codes are 1.) Width-modulated - the symbol comprises of bars and spaces of differing width 2.) Height-modulated - the symbol comprises of equitably divided bars of varying height. 12.7 The grocery industry which started in 1973 was the major industry to first use the Universal Product Code. 12.9 RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. 12.10 The RFID distinguishing proof tag is a transponder. A transponder is characterized as a device that transmits its very own signal when it gets a signal from an outside source. 12.12 Relative advantages of RFID over bar codes are 1.) Line-of sight reading is not required 2.) Read-write capability 3.) Large storage capacity 4.) The tags can be reused. 5.) Not susceptible to dirt or scratching that would destroy the label 12.13 Relative advantages of bar codes over RFID are 1.) The technology is widely available 2.) Low cost 12.16 Automated inspection is the principle application of machine vision in industry. 13.5 Fixed routing - the work units dependably move through similar sequence of workstations. This implies the work units are

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