Five Characteristics Of Army Profession

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A group of strong and honorable individuals that are professionals in the Profession of Arms protects the United States of America. We are professionals because we choose to dedicate our lives to our Nation and its people. All Army professionals meet the Army’s certification criteria of competence, character and commitment. The five essentials characteristics of the Army Profession are trust, military expertise, honorable service, esprit de corps and stewardship of the profession. By having these characteristics and practicing them in our daily lives, we have earned the trust of our leaders, peers, subordinates and the citizens of our nation. In order for the Army to be a profession, the American people need to determine and declare us a profession. We provide security and defense to our citizens and in exchange, they trust and honor that our decisions are for the benefit of our nation. The people do not regulate the Army, but they trust that the Army regulates itself thru its ethic. I quote, “The Army Ethic is the evolving set of laws, values, and beliefs, deeply embedded within the core of the Army culture and practiced by all members of the Army Profession to motivate and guide the appropriate conduct of individual members bound together in common moral purpose.” Laws alone will not make a soldier a professional; it is the way the army educates, motivates and shapes a soldier to become a professional. A competent professional with a strong character and commitment
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