Five Characteristics Of Japanese Cultural Awareness : Japanese Culture

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Cultural Awareness: Japanese Culture Analysis

Japan is the region of the world focused on in this research essay. The author will define culture, and describe Japanese cultural traits with an emphasis on leadership competency. The thesis statement hypothesizes that cultural study and research of specific regions of the world will enable cross-cultural competence and comprehension in leadership roles.

There are a plethora of definitions which encompass culture. Unabridged (2017) defines culture as the quality in a society, or an individual, that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent. Five characteristics of culture may include: a particular form or stage of civilization, the fine arts, scholarly pursuits, etiquette, and/or the drive towards excellence. The author of this essay adds to the definition to include culture in present day as: All interactions between a member of society and society.

The Japan is an archipelago, consisting of four major islands and over six-thousand minor island groups, which has enormous climatic variation. The Korean peninsula is the closest point on the Asian mainland. Japan faces the Pacific Ocean along the entire eastern and southern coastline. Japanese life has always been oriented toward the ocean. Japan is a fertile land and has varied fishing grounds due to the currents that converge offshore . To the north and west are the the Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk, and the East China Sea
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