Five Dysfunctions of a Team

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I found the book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team very interesting. I have never really set down and thought about dysfunctions of a business or a team for that manner. This really hit home to me because as I kept reading I found that I had seen some of the dysfunctions that the book talks about in my own personal work experience. After reading this book I know that I will be able to recognize theses dysfunctions in other companies that I am a part of. I really liked how easy it was to follow what was going on in the book. It all took place in a logical order. I think that the pyramid worked really well. I think that if I was part of the company in the book that the pyramid would have got the idea that Kathryn was trying to get across…show more content…
I think that sometimes letting someone know what they are doing wrong in a constructive way may strengthen a relationship instead of bringing it down. I have had to get after someone before for not pulling their part, in the long run we were closer friends and we worked better together. But there has been another time when I have told someone what I thought they could improve on and it totally backfired. They thought that I was just trying to boss them around. Eventually everyone realized that this individual had a bad attitude and he ended up getting canned. The book mentions it and I totally agree with it when it says that the number one way to help avoid accountability is to have a group meeting and verbally point out in detail what each member of the group is supposed to do. This really puts everyone on the same page and all knows the task at hand. Inattention to Results For a lot of people this last one can be a hard thing to tackle. Of course everyone wants to be the best at what they do and I think that there is nothing wrong with that. But when you let that go a step farther and you don't care about anyone except for yourself this is where things start to get dangerous. You shouldn't be so focused that all you think about is getting a raise or that promotion, but turn your focus to teamwork and then people will recognize how big of an asset you are to the team. I know people that have this dysfunction
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