Five Factors and Downsizing

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Assignment - 2 (Individual)
Five Factors and Downsizing

Which two of the five HR factors listed by the authors of your course do you consider the most important for your organization? (Explain your organization and its nature of business briefly). Justify your choice, and discuss these two factors in detail.

Assuming that the U.S. sub-prime crisis of the present day is now affecting the Asian economies and your organization is feeling the effects of slowing sales as well as rising raw materials cost. Downsizing is a real possibility and one of the most challenging aspects of human resources management. Discuss some of the approaches to use, and describe how you would go about downsizing 20% of your work force if you are eventually
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Listening Comprehension (LC) was the core skill that was expected out of these new employees. Since the nature of the job was to listen to English conversation and transcribe the speech verbatim, English proficiency was of utmost important. Whether the employees’ performance met or did not meet the required criteria, they were given continuous learning. Continuous learning was compulsory to all employees in the organization. In this way, these employees were made sure that they remain at the forefront of the skill-base and knowledge in their respective domains.

[pic] KGISL Employee Growth [pic] Workforce Age Demographics

The Workforce factor was very critical in my company. This was because our company was a services company rather than a manufacturing one. Services companies mostly require high-skilled employees. Therefore, Human Resource Management becomes very significant. Employees were the real assets in companies like KGISL. From the above chart, it is clearly seen that the majority of the age group is in the 20-30 age category (41%). Employees’ age demographics was considered very important in our company.

Organization’s Culture - Justification
Our company’s Organizational culture had four elements: • Attitudes • Experiences • Beliefs • Values

KGISL’s Organizational Culture

With more and more companies becoming Multi National

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