Five Forces Analysis Worksheet

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FIVE FORCES ANALYSIS WORKSHEET Exhibit III-1 Five Forces Affecting Industry Structure ENTRY BARRIERS Economies of scale Proprietary product differences Brand identity Switching costs Capital requirements Access to distribution Absolute cost advantages Proprietary learning curve Access to necessary inputs Proprietary low-cost product design Government policy and international treaties Expected retaliation RIVALRY DETERMINANTS Industry Growth Fixed (or storage) costs/value-added Intermittent overcapacity Product differences Brand identity Switching costs Concentration and balance Informational complexity Diversity of competitors Corporate stakes Exit barriers Strategic alliances (domestic & international) NEW ENTRANTS Threat of New…show more content…
How can you raise entry barriers? If entry into your industry is easy (e.g., entry costs are low, there is no brand loyalty, they can learn your business quickly, etc.) do not assign a star. Consider both domestic and international aspects/influences, as well as strategic alliances. Your Rating: Factors Influencing Ease of Entry Factor Economies of scale Explanation If new entrants to your industry are forced to come in on a large scale and face retaliation from existing firms, this raises barriers to entry. If new firms must spend heavily up front to build a brand name, this investment is significant and discourages entry. If the use of anew company’s product requires potential users to make massive changes in their business – large investments in new equipment, extensive retraining, complete product redesign, etc., this discourages entry. High up-front costs such as advertising, research, or capital equipment will discourage entry. If the stakes are very high, entrance is limited to a few large companies having deep pockets. If distribution is limited, competition can be fierce for shelf space, etc. New entrants may have to offer price breaks and allowances to break in, or be willing to create new distribution channels. New entrants who lack experience must expect high unit costs until the firm becomes more efficient. Policy and economic treaties may influence a company’s ability to enter the market. Your Industry Brand identity Switching

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