Five Forces Analysis of Retail Car Industry

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Assignment 1 Module Code: PICS01C Student Number: 7305-272-8 Due Date: 15 March 2011 [pic] a) Five-forces diagram for analysis of the retail car industry in the greater Johannesburg area 1. Competitive Rivalry Competitive rivalry exists between companies with the same or similar products/services and similar markets. Factors to be considered include: • The number and size of competitors • The rate of industry growth • Differentiation and switching costs • Fixed costs or perishable products • Expansion • High exit barriers • Diverse strategies Companies have to strife for a competitive advantage over its rivals. Industry concentration is measured through concentration ratios. A higher concentration…show more content…
The risk of generic substitution is also increasing with especially China dominating the production market. Customers will substitute for a generic product if the disposable incomes of the customers reduce resulting in customers willing to trade down for a inferior but cheaper product. 5. The bargaining power of buyers The market greatly depends on how powerful buyers are in terms of their willingness to pay certain prices. The following determines the bargaining power of buyers • Buyers concentration • Switching costs • Backward vertical integration • Ratio of purchase price to total cost • Information The bargaining power of buyers stands in a direct relationship with the bargaining power of suppliers. If the bargaining power of buyers is substantial it increases the opportunity cost of suppliers. The greater the buyers concentration the greater their bargaining power. This bargaining power is also increased in markets where the suppliers’ concentration is high. The bargaining power is also increased when the cost of switching from one supplier to another is low. In instances where backward vertical integration is possible i.e. buyers setting up their own chains of suppliers the bargaining power of the buyer increases in that their prices may become more competitive. In a market where the buyers are more concerned over quality than price their bargaining power decreases as they are less inclined to shop
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